Get Plugged In! . . . Exciting Door-openers For First-time Job Candidates!

In many respects, first-time job candidates these days have it easier than earlier generations.

There’s an abundance of good jobs . . . if you’re plugged in. Compensation is much more attractive . . . to job candidates who are plugged in. Best of all, access to hiring decision-makers is available as never before . . . to those who are plugged in!

So what’s this plugged in” for first-time job candidates?

Essentially it means you’re on top of the exciting 21st Century job search techniques and strategies that account for close to 90% of all job offers. As you can imagine, if you have mastered these remarkable door-openers, you can virtually guarantee yourself that you’re going to have a short and very lucrative job campaign.

Here are just some of the fabulous ideas that can help you get plugged in as first-time job candidates.
1. Participate in internships, externships and co-op educational programs.

2. Do volunteer work for small, struggling non-profits.

3. Offer uncompensated trial employment (one or two weeks) to make sure there’s a match.

4. Obtain a recommendation from a powerhouse senior in your field or other insider.

5. Attend industry conferences–build your list of contacts.

6. Align yourself with a company’s big producers.

In short, if you want to get way ahead as first-time job candidates, plug yourself into the right networks, make plenty of friends, attend industry events, stay on top of your industry and make sure you stay visible.

Fortunately, there’s an exciting alternative job search system that shows you how to take advantage of these and many other door-openers and put them to work for you fast. These non-traditional career advancement strategies are dynamic and innovative 21st Century techniques that bypass old-fashioned traditional approaches like mass distributing your resume and then nervously waiting for the phone to ring

The alternative revolution starts with the realization that hiring decisions are made on the basis of face-to-face meetings . . . not resumes. It also understands that virtually 90% of all job offers come about as the result of human intervention . . . not resumes.

So, this alternative plan refocuses job candidates to spend quality time establishing the kind of relationships that become door-openers to job offers. When you do that you can dramatically move the odds in your favor. In fact, you can be meeting face-to-face with qualified hiring decision-makers in a matter of days. You can be entertaining job offers in as little as two weeks!

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