Are Your Job Search Advisors Blowing Smoke?

Job search advisors . . . they’re the one thing you can count on when you’re looking for a job. They seem to come out of the woodwork with recommendations on how to conduct your job campaign. But could they be blowing smoke?

Most of the time the advice you get, even from professionals, is way off course. That’s because it’s usually a rehash of old fashioned job search ideas totally out of tune with what’s happening in the sophisticated 21st Century job marketplace.

For example, I’ll bet the first piece of advice you get is what to do with your resume. Everyone seems to focus on the value of having an award-winning resume that touts your work history and other credentials. I call that advice blowing smoke.

Or other job search advisors will recommend companies where you should apply for a job. Or they’ll refer you to advertised job openings that could be right for you. I call this blowing smoke.

Still other job search advisors will tell you their secrets for conducting an interview . . . how to dodge the tough questions . . . how to upstage the interviewer and take control . . . how to be a tough negotiator, etc. Blowing smoke!

Why am I so critical of traditional job search recommendations and advice? Well, first of all, it has nothing to do with the good intentions of your advisors. They’re doing their best to be helpful. The problem is they’re disseminating misinformation. They’re advising you about strategies that are out of sync with what’s really going on in today’s job marketplace.

Just take your resume, for instance. In today’s marketplace it counts for very little. First of all, employers aren’t going to hire you on the basis of what you did for someone else. They want to know how you’re going address company issues going forward. You can’t do that in a resume.

The, there’s the misinformation about interviewing. If you think you’re going to capture an employer’s attention and beat out the competition by answering all his/her questions accurately and jumping through all the hoops with ease . . . or negotiating by making sure you get your demands are on the table right upfront . . . well, you already lost before you even got started!

You need a new plan. One that will guide you through today’s real job marketplace. One that replaces last century job search advisors with exciting, proven alternative job search strategies and innovative non-traditional career advancement advice u . . .that get results for you . . . fast!

If you follow the easy, step-by-step techniques outlined in the revolutionary alternative job search system, you can be meeting face-to-face with qualified hiring decision-makers in a matter of days without all the resume and mass-distribution and interviewing hoopla. And you can be entertaining high-paying job offers in as little as two weeks!

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Get Plugged In! . . . Exciting Door-openers For First-time Job Candidates!

In many respects, first-time job candidates these days have it easier than earlier generations.

There’s an abundance of good jobs . . . if you’re plugged in. Compensation is much more attractive . . . to job candidates who are plugged in. Best of all, access to hiring decision-makers is available as never before . . . to those who are plugged in!

So what’s this plugged in” for first-time job candidates?

Essentially it means you’re on top of the exciting 21st Century job search techniques and strategies that account for close to 90% of all job offers. As you can imagine, if you have mastered these remarkable door-openers, you can virtually guarantee yourself that you’re going to have a short and very lucrative job campaign.

Here are just some of the fabulous ideas that can help you get plugged in as first-time job candidates.
1. Participate in internships, externships and co-op educational programs.

2. Do volunteer work for small, struggling non-profits.

3. Offer uncompensated trial employment (one or two weeks) to make sure there’s a match.

4. Obtain a recommendation from a powerhouse senior in your field or other insider.

5. Attend industry conferences–build your list of contacts.

6. Align yourself with a company’s big producers.

In short, if you want to get way ahead as first-time job candidates, plug yourself into the right networks, make plenty of friends, attend industry events, stay on top of your industry and make sure you stay visible.

Fortunately, there’s an exciting alternative job search system that shows you how to take advantage of these and many other door-openers and put them to work for you fast. These non-traditional career advancement strategies are dynamic and innovative 21st Century techniques that bypass old-fashioned traditional approaches like mass distributing your resume and then nervously waiting for the phone to ring

The alternative revolution starts with the realization that hiring decisions are made on the basis of face-to-face meetings . . . not resumes. It also understands that virtually 90% of all job offers come about as the result of human intervention . . . not resumes.

So, this alternative plan refocuses job candidates to spend quality time establishing the kind of relationships that become door-openers to job offers. When you do that you can dramatically move the odds in your favor. In fact, you can be meeting face-to-face with qualified hiring decision-makers in a matter of days. You can be entertaining job offers in as little as two weeks!

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Alternative Online Job Search . . . Avoid Making A Big Mistake!

Remember the good old days before the No Call” list? It illustrates why an alternative online job search plan is required if you have any hope of using the convenience of online services to help you get a job.

Let me show you what I mean. It’ll help to understand the importance of an alternative online job search.

You’re just sitting down to supper when the phone rings. It’s a telemarketer (one of several who tried calling you today). He’s talking very fast to capture your attention before you hang up. He’s got a product or service you can’t live without.

Yeah, sure! What’s your name and number,” you ask sarcastically. And what time do you eat supper? Cuz I’m want to call you back with my answer at that time,” you declare loudly, as you hang up the phone.

You’re annoyed, of course. But consider this for a minute. How many calls do you think that telemarketer has to make before he gets one person to listen? And how many of those actually buy something?

It’s a crap shoot. Now, if he’s a pro he probably knows that out of 100 calls he gets one or two sales. So he plods on hopeful the numbers will work for him.

Sound appealing to you?

Well, this is exactly what you do if you use old-fashioned online job search techniques. You know, you write up a strong resume and distribute it to some online job services like Monster and Hotjobs. Maybe you mail it to a bunch of companies. And you answer some ads and distribute your resume to some agencies and recruiters.

You’re praying the numbers will work for you. You’re hoping someone will get back to you. Maybe a welcome phone call. Or a written invitation to an interview. But, if nothing happens, you can always repeat the same process all over again. Maybe even ramp up the numbers. An alternative online job search strategy is the solution.

For example, if you’re using your online capabilities to conduct a mass distribution job campaign, you’re seriously wasting your time. Oh, I’m not going to say you won’t get an interview. But it will probably come weeks, even months after you started you campaign.

There’s better way. It’s an alternative online job search. You use the power of the internet to do research on selected companies you’re interested in. You identify and do background research on the person you’re most likely to report to. You contact that decision-maker personally through an introduction, referral, phone call or personal letter. You propose to set up a face-to-face meeting to share some exciting ideas for the company.

Don’t waste you time with mass distribution methods. You need the carefully targeted approach of an alternative online job search–one that productively uses your limited time to get results fast!

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